What is Mullum Mullum Indigenous Gathering Place?

Mullum Mullum Indigenous Gathering Place (MMIGP) provides a culturally safe and inclusive space for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders to come together to feel connected and empowered. MMIGP supports and facilitates a variety of cultural activities and programs which incorporate art, music, language, and storytelling.

Today, MMIGP provides a range of cultural, wellbeing and community support programs and continues to explore and seek opportunities to meet the emerging needs and aspirations of community members. MMIGP has an abundance of programs and activities that run throughout the year and frequently engages with local organisations, Government and other stakeholders to run initiatives and projects such as health check days, vocational opportunities, workforce development initiatives, capacity building and much more.

See below for more information on our organisation:

“MMIGP, as a gathering place, plays a very important role as being the first point of contact
for people trying to connect with identity – it is critical for community connection, networking,
for providing a culturally safe place and for supporting self-determination.”


“It means the world to me to be amongst community, amongst people who understand the

difficulties we have all been through. To be part of a community that really cares.”


“It is my anchor. A place where I am not judged, and it is safe.”


“It makes me feel proud of who I am. The connection to community.”


“Reconciliation. Sharing. Caring. Friendship. Respect. Understanding. Community.”


“Community, family, connection, safety, celebration, ceremony, learning, sharing,



“It’s like coming home, being with family, all relating on the same wavelength with one

thing in common – our Aboriginality.”