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Mullum Creations

Mullum Creation’s purpose is to share cultural knowledge and connection through a blending of native foods training, cultural education, and supporting pathways to employment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

The Future

Like many others 2022 was about Mullum Creations finding its feet, and getting back into the community, finding out what’s needed, and what can be created!

In 2023 Mullum Creations is set to expand its impact in the community and beyond through the creation of a training program designed for our community members in Culture, native foods & plants training, and barista training. There is a focus on forming key partnerships that will help us deliver on this to create a sustainable and meaningful training program for the future. 2023 is about exploring our networks and beyond and we are excited at the possibilities that are right in front of us.

The Food Van - "Daisy"

The bling at any community event, serving coffee, native cuisine, and good vibes. Daisy is about creating a space for our community members and volunteers to gain practical hospitality experience.


Showcasing native foods from savoury, to tasty sweets and beverages, Mullum Creations definitely has something to offer at your event. Get excited and check out our catering packages below

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