Purpose Statement

MMIGP Strategic Plan

Our Purpose

Our Purpose is to provide a safe and welcoming environment for people to connect with culture, connect with each other, learn new skills and contribute to community health and wellbeing.

MMIGP aims to support the following enhanced outcomes for the Aboriginal community in the EMR by providing a range of programs and activities that:

  • Strengthen children, young people and their families;
  • Promote cultural integrity and safety;
  • Support to implement innovative community-based activities and solutions;
  • Promote collaboration and inclusiveness based on community-driven priorities;
  • Develop strong partnerships between Aboriginal and mainstream services;
  • Develop stronger partnerships with the Government; and
  • Promote Healthy well-being and longevity

Our Core Strategies

MMIGP’s strategic priorities for the next five years (2021 – 2025) are:

LIVING – A purpose-built home for our community: for the generational journey

REACHING – Increase our reach to Aboriginal people across the Eastern Metropolitan Region to spread awareness of our services and increase engagement with MMIGP

BELONGING – Continue to provide and ensure a safe and welcoming space for Aboriginal people to engage with culture, activities and community

CONTRIBUTING – Deliver programs and activities that empower Aboriginal people to support the health and wellbeing of our community. Furthermore, to provide access to services and opportunities which include community development and capacity building.

INFLUENCING – Ensure a strong reputation for supporting the Aboriginal community in the Eastern Metropolitan Region. Encourage and support the emerging leaders and develop strong networks and partnerships within the region.

THRIVING – Operate as a strong and sustainable organisation and community. Increase our capacity, facilities and resources.